MIXTAPE: Space Jams and BBall Ballads

Space Jams & BBall Ballads: A Basketball Mixtape

[LISTEN/FREE DOWNLOAD] No sport is more closely synced with music than basketball. Think about it. Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” was the first rap video shown on MTV, Shaquille O’Neal sold millions of albums, Marvin Gaye reimagined the Star Spangled Banner at the ’83 All-Star Game and basketball was the first sport to pipe in music during the in-game action. Still not convinced?

Then listen to Space Jams & BBall Ballads: A Basketball Mixtape. We scrounged up all the tracks we could find about basketball, that featured basketball players or were directly connected to the culture of the game. With a sprinkling of hoop classics, some help from John Tesh, Marv Albert, Jackie Moon, Mars Blackmon, Kazaam and friends plus appearances by Dana Barros, Spud Webb, Kevin Garnett, Chris Webber, Gary Payton, Akeem Olajuwon, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, our mixtape is essentially basketball in musical form. No headband required.


1. Galactic Scoundrels – Roundball Intro / Michael Jordan Tribute
2. Kurtis Blow – Basketball
3. Hurt ‘Em Bad – NBA Rap
4. Hurt ‘Em Bad – The Unbeatable Dream feat. Akeem “The Dream” Olajuwon
5. Los Angeles Lakers – Just Say No To Drugs (Galactic Mercy Edit)
6. Quad City DJ’s – Space Jam
7. Onyx – Slam
8. Dana Barros – Check It Out
9. Gang Starr – Now You’re Mine
10. Chris Webber – Gangsta Gangsta feat. Kurupt
11. Skee-Lo – I Wish
12. Kevin Durant aka Velvet Hoop – Hyperize
13. Gary Payton – Livin’ Legal and Large
14. Allen Iverson aka Jewelz – Last Night
15. Kobe vs. Shaq Ultimate Rap Battle Interlude
16. Shaquille O’Neal – I’m Outstanding
17. Shaquille O’Neal – No Hook feat. RZA, Method Man & Ali G
18. Shaquille O’Neal – Shoot Pass Slam (Slammin’ Sermon Remix)
19. Public Enemy – Politics of the Sneaker Pimps
20. Transit – The Grizz feat. Kyprios
21. Cheech & Chong – Basketball Jones
22. Kevin Garnett “Burn It” Galactic Outro

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